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Player and Team Highlights

College Bound Players

Highlights from Past Seasons

Team: BU14
Coach Hernan Garcia
Written by: Carlos Buenrostro, Team TA

BU14 - HG


The Nomads BU14 team guided by Coach Hernan Garcia led the way with a smothering defense and an aggressive offensive attack to sweep the Surf Cup Boys U14 Flight 1 competition and qualify for the Quarter Finals.  In the Quarter Finals the  boys battled to win  2-1,  A dramatic 2-1 win in the Semi-Finals came with a winning goal in the final 5 minutes of overtime. In the Finals the team squared off against FC Golden States finest players sublimated by Academy players, and put on an aggressive offensive and defensive minded attack to capture the highly coveted 2015 Thanksgiving Surf Cup Championship in a dramatic 2-1 victory!

The BU13 team wins the California Regional League 2014/15 and earns entry into the 2015 Far West Regionals in Boise Idaho. They make it to the semi-finals of the 2015 Far West Regionals. Their journey began starting with Play -ins was a long tough battle facing only the best of the best of California. They went on to take 1st place with a total of 23 points from top teams such as GSA 21 points, TFA 21 points and Surf Academy Select 17 points. Coach Hernan Garcia strategically made changes to his line up adapting to every opponent and surprising them with the attack. The boys persistent offensive pressure, along with the least scored on back line. Allowing them to finish strong with 24-Goals for/ 9 Goals against/ 3 shutouts & placing highest with 15 goals Diff.

- Far West Regional 2015 Semi-Finalists
- California Regional League Champions BU13 2014-2015
- Pateadores Cup Champions BU13
- Coast Soccer League Finalist BU12 Gold Division
- Strikers Cup Champions BU12
- Coast Soccer League Cup Champions BU11
- NHB Flight 2 Champions BU11

- Coast Soccer League Champions BU11 Silver Elite Division
- Coast Soccer League Champions BU10 Silver Division

Player: Alexandra "Xuxi" Lopez
Submitted by: Coach Jessica Correll

GU10, Lopez

Mia Hamm once said, "Every single day, I wake up and commit myself to becoming a better player." On my team, I have one player who stands out with the same mentality that Mia Hamm exemplifies in that quote.

Every day, Alexandra (Xuxi) Lopez shows up to practices and games and leaves everything she has out on the field. She understands that to become a better player, you have to work hard. During practices, she is constantly challenging herself to reach the next level. Her technical and tactical abilities are well beyond the average 9 year old. Sometimes I think she even surprises herself with what she is capable of.

During games, she does everything in her power to score or to stop the other team from scoring. In 5 games alone, she has scored 13 goals. On Sunday, October 11th, she led our team to its first major victory by scoring 5 goals against the Westside Breakers!

That being said, she is not my Player of the Month just because of her work ethic and technical abilities. Xuxi is an exemplary role model as well. She continually encourages her teammates to focus, work hard, and try their best. She stays positive and supports her team no matter what.

It has been a privilege to coach such an amazing and talented young girl. Because of her tenacity, leadership, and her ability to play soccer, Alexandra Lopez is my Player of the Month.

Coach Jessica Correll, GU10s